Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Leaving Your Pets While You Travel

Let us assume that you are ready to undertake holidays to Gran Canaria with the family. Everyone involved in this trip is definitely excited and happy. Everyone has packed their travel essentials. All follow-up calls to the providers are done, and everything ---flights, hotels, tours, restaurant reservations, etc.---are confirmed.

But hold on. Aren’t you forgetting something? What about fluffy Rover or little kitty? That’s right, your pets need attention to. But in many cases, you won’t be able to bring them along with you during your vacation. Indeed, travelling with pets can be difficult; it’s expensive, requires a lot of paperwork, and a hassle for everyone.

Thus, if you are like many other people, you may want to leave your pet behind. Here are a few tips on how to do just that without constantly worrying about your precious fluffy friend.

1. Request someone close to you to look after your pet. That someone can be a sibling, relative, friend, or colleague. Assure them that your pet won’t bring them any headaches. Here’s something for your comfort: many people who don’t have pets long for one. You’d be surprised as to how people are very willing to take care of your pet for you.

2. If no one is available to watch over your furry friend, call a pet sitter. As the name implies, a pet sitter is a specialised provider that looks after pets when their owners are away. During such time, a pet sitter walks your pet, feeds him, or even plays with him. Depending on the service, you may pay the provider by the hour or day.

3. No pet sitter may be available in your area. Well, no need to worry. You can ask the local animal pound to take care of him for you. Just make sure to specify that little Rover or Kitty is not up for adoption.

4. Whatever option you choose, make sure to provide the caretaker with plenty of pet food. Remember that you are asking them to look after your pet. Having them buy your pet’s food is just too much to ask. The same thing applies to pet supplies such as kitty litter, dog shampoo, and other

5. If your pet has special needs, inform the caretaker ahead of time. Rover needs to be taken out for a walk every morning. Little Kitty needs her vitamins every evening. You can list down these special needs and hand that list to the caretaker.

Finally, when you return home from your exciting cheap holidays, don’t forget to thank or give them a bonus for doing a great job. Check out Travel Republic.

Keeping Your Children Under Control During Trips

Let us say you have purchased cheap all inclusive holidays to Lanzarote. The deal was so good that you were able to afford extra tickets and rooms for the entire family. Yes, that means you’re going to bring your kids with you.

Now, think about this for a minute. While having your children accompany you in your trips can bring joy and wonderful moments, doing so can also bring lots of headaches. Just imagine Junior throwing tantrums after you spent too long taking photos of an interesting tourist site. Just imagine little Sarah crying her heart out after she demands to drink some water, which you forgot to bring. Just imagine carrying your baby around for a tour that involves long walks.

Here are a few easy and effective tips to ponder when you’re out there with your precious ones:

1. To avoid children from getting bored and restless (and often throwing a tantrum), give them simple toys and games to have fun with. For example, during flights that last an hour or more, I usually bring coloring books, crayons, and simple toys for my little tot whenever I take him along. He preoccupies himself by drawing or coloring pictures, or playing with some toys while I get some much-deserved rest.

2. No matter where you go with your child, always have snacks at hand. Kids easily get riled up when they’re hungry. I usually put each child’s snack in a zip lock bag, which I can access any time. To avoid a minor scuffle between two kids fighting for a chocolate bar or sweet, I always ensure that each zip lock for each kid has the same content.

3. Share responsibilities. You would be surprised how delighted kids when they are given tasks. When going on a trip, assign each family member a responsibility that is appropriate for his or her age and ability. For example, one child may be tasked to fold used linens in the hotel while the other is responsible for filling the water bottles. A teenager may be assigned to watch over his or her younger siblings in the pool. Giving children tasks also instills in them the value and importance of responsibility.

4. Let kids enjoy the trip. Don’t reprimand them for exploring an interesting part of a ruin or trying out a local food. A trip is supposed to be an opportunity for children to discover the world; so let your cheap holidays be an enjoyable, educational one.

With these tips, you are now ready to take your kids with you anywhere in the world.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Attending Mnarja Festival in Malta

Today, I had a discussion with my best buddy. She was very fired up to go to Malta for the Mnarja festival or L-Imnarja in honor of Saints Peter and Paul. The celebration is generally celebrated every 29th of June. As there is still time to get ready, she invited me to join her in her vacation. I readily said yes! Great! I can finally get out of the nation and see unusual places. In no time at all, we searched the internet trying to find cheap holidays to Malta.

We looked at our passports. We made sure they were still up to date. We also visited our family physician for the necessary shots needed for the journey. We organized, purchased, and packed our stuff way ahead of time. We checked that our cameras were packed and additional batteries were bought. We were told to look after ourselves and to have clean fun.

Family members and friends escorted us to the airport during the departure date. We took a lot of pictures to immortalize the moment. We were so excited as we boarded the plane. The moment we arrived in Malta, my best friend's uncle and his family rushed to meet us. They were chatting and telling us things. Both of us were bombarded with excitement as we took photographs of the scenery. I especially love the architecture of the fine old buildings.

We were astonished at all the people in the streets. And the streets were so vibrant and busy. Everywhere we went, a member of the uncle's family imparted information regarding the place. About the Mnarja celebration itself, we learned that it was a festival that is filled with prayers, food, and songs. And this feast was one of the most significant festival in the Maltese culture. In the beginning, this was a Roman feast called Luninaria. This meant "illumination." The occasion started with the reading of the "bandu." The "bandu" was an official communication from the government. This tradition has been done since the 16th century. At night, we had the chance to witness a torchlight procession. The river of flickering lights was just amazing. It also added character to the procession. There were so many people who took part in the event. And the lights they carried appeared like fireflies in the night.

We tasted all the food that were prepared for us. The exotic meals were just amazing, although we were not accustomed to the taste of some of the meals. They also toured as around the Island of Malta. We stopped by St John's Co-Cathedral, the church of the Order of the Knights Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem. We were amazed at the wonderful interiors made of gold and marble as well as the fine artwork inside the complex's museum. We also watched the Valleta Living History, a 35-minute show about the history of the city. Read additional info on Malta, view website of Malta.

Don't Blow Your Budget on Holiday

More and more people have taken belt tightening measures because of the recent financial setbacks the world over. Driving to a 9-5 job everyday with no time for rest and relaxation is a one way ticket to the loony bin. But if you will try hard enough, there definitely is a way to do it. Doing an extensive research will ensure you finding cheap holidays deals to delightful weathered holiday destinations. Airfare and accommodation paid, it is now up to you how you can lower down your expenses while holidaying. A few tweaks here and there will not make your holiday less fun, often times it is what will make it even better!

Scrimping while travelling

Most holidaymakers think that their home country is the only country that has a transportation system that is actually working. We normally spend a lot on expensive cab fares for a trip that's just right around the corner. Personally, what I do is take walks whenever I can and just ask for directions from the hotel's concierge or even the locals. These people will be more than delighted to tell you where to go. The internet is also a good place to check out detailed routes, fares and travel schedules as most government and private transport companies will have a presence online. That way, you will be able to economise greatly when visiting surrounding areas and places of interest. In addition, you will have a chance of interacting with the locals and see parts of the country that you could possibly miss when confined in the back of an air conditioned minivan or cab.

Money-saving tips on eats and drinks

Get your everyday needs like water and toiletries from a local grocery shop. The presence of the tourists in the area have given small businesses the reason to charge sky-rocketing prices. If visiting a tropical country, stock up on bottled water that you got from the supermarket. You will see that this will be a great big help to you when you wake up with a hangover one morning. If getting drunk is on your checklist, then it's a good idea to sample the local spirits. These are fairly low cost and contain very high levels of alcohol. Another alternative would be to bring a bottle or two when you head down over to the beach or when you're on your balcony and have kicked off your flip flops. This one good way to kick-off your night of boozy adventures. While it may be a good idea to wine and dine at hotel or resort restaurants, it is still wise to explore more and you may just find the country's gastronomic treasures that are hidden. What I personally do, is to get my own sandwich supplies and make my own. Another thing you can do is to check online reviews and you just might be surprised to find gastronomic surprises in the area.

No room for being cheap on your holiday? Then have a grand time with all the money you have when travelling. However, if things become tight while you're still half way through, as yourself what would really make you happy. So, get the facts, gather what you can and sooner than later you will find how much can be really set aside even while you're having so much fun.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Saving Money On Vacations - Budget Travel Tips

How much you are capable of financially matters when planning to go on vacation, thus it is important to find cheap holidays in UK for your trip. While you prepare to get going, you want to know that you are making the right decisions, from your transportation to your accommodations during your trip - all which can be found easier if you use this article and the tips that are given to you.

Make sure to leave plenty of time for yourself for stop overs, especially when travelling with a disability or injury. While there are lodgings made for people with disabilities at most airports, there can be issues that arise. For example, there may be extra security measures (swabbing and x-ray casts) or limited resources (handicapped buses and transportation). If you allow additional time for this process, you can help to reduce some of the stress caused by traveling. When traveling, bring postcard postage stamps with you. It can be fun to send friends and family post cards during your trip, but finding a post office can be a pain. With stamps brought from home, all you have to do is write a short note and pop it in in the mailbox and your postcard is on its way home. Some hotels may even take outgoing mail for you if it's already stamped.

Travel luggage is often a large problem when people travel. While small-sized luggages are perfect for children, you do have to remember that they still are entitled to a full-sized carry-on. Doing without your kid-sized luggage can save you check-in space for another extra carrier. This would mean a saving of about $25 to $50 on most airlines. Take safety measures when traveling on holidays. Bear in mind to call and confirm your flight in advance. Holidays are always a busy time of year, especially at the airport. Gifts should be carried unwrapped. Security checks are likely to unwrap those gifts.

Always book the first night and last night when you travel. A lot of people like to be impulsive and not plan ahead when traveling, but try to book the first and last night at your destination so that you know where you are going to be and be near the airport for your flights. Everything else in between you can plan as you go. If you have a very versatile schedule and a somewhat limited budget, consider booking your trip outside of the normal travel season. You will find more cost-effective prices on travel and hotel fare, and you will not have to battle other tourists for space at popular attractions and monuments.

Rural areas are often among the most interesting of possible travel destinations. Just make sure you take necessities like your prescription medicines with you. Another way of looking at it is that if something isn't available for sale where you are then you probably didn't need it anyway! Items like medicines, however, can be essential so don't leave having them to chance. Taking a trip is something that is always entertaining because it is a new place and a new experience. Frequently, it is a vacation from work or from our kids. With the right amount of cash and a little bit of research, you can have the best trip of your life and hopefully, this article provided the knowledge. Now you just have to get the cash and look for customer testimonial for great reviews.

Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad

Travel abroad has been made so much easier with the emergence of cheap holidays and have opened up a host of possibilities for everyone. In the end, what will matter is what your decision will be. There are hordes of destinations to choose from, just ensure that you will be going on one unforgettable trip.

Asia and Australia

Flying south is what most westerners want to do during the winter. Asia and Australia have the climate that you are looking for if this is the case.

  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

These are all very well liked destinations with travellers on a budget and also people looking for luxury alike. Be forwarned though that it's not just the heat that you have to deal with, but there is also humidity that you need to fight with. You need to constantly rehydrate yourself. You can see a wealth of information in travel books as well as other travel forums online. You will be able to find specifics of ideal places to go to, hotel accommodations, places you can dine in and things to do and see. You can also post on the forums to find information that you haven't already found.


If you want a taste of history and culture, Europe is the place to be. It has a wealth of history which are all well preserved and also have something tangible you can see and touch. With the pitfall of communism, it has opened up travel to a lot of Eastern European countries where it was not so easy to travel to before. What this means is a lot of new places to see in more classic destinations like Rome, Paris or London. Vacationing in Southern Europe means getting warm weather and Northern Europe means getting ready for more temperate climates. Visiting Europe with an EU passport will make it very easy and convenient for you.

The Americas

There are also other places you can go to which are well beyond Europe.

  • America
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • West Indies
  • South America

Travelling to the New World possesses its own tastes, cultures and history on offer. From going to New York City and enjoying a Broadway Show to sipping a Pina Colada on a Beach in Cancun Mexico, there is so much choice on offer in this part of the world that you may be stuck in making a decision on where to go. You may wish to go traipsing in Peru and experience Matu Pitu, often known as the Lost City of the Incas, or you may wish to enjoy Mardi Gras in New Orleans or the world eminent carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Whatever you decide on you will have several different options to choose from which suit all tastes and budgets as well.

Choosing Your Ultimate Holiday Destination

When arranging your honeymoon make sure that you are going to choose a destination which will be memorable for you both and that you both are really keen to explore. Get as much information that you can on the net so that you can make an informed decision and have as little problems as possible. It is always a great idea to try and really get submersed in the local culture and there is no better way to do this than by learning the language and eat where the locals eat. You may wish to lay on a beach for a couple of weeks or really explore your local surroundings on a bike, whatever you choose you will have the holiday of a lifetime with the one that you love and bring back some wonderful memories and experiences, satisfaction guaranteed.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Adjusting Your Body Clock To A Different Time Zone

Do you feel disoriented, irritable, and fatigued as soon as you landed on the tarmac of another country? Will it cause you a headache? They are such annoying inconveniences to your well-planned vacation, aren't they? Well, you are not alone because most probably, your fellow passengers, and maybe even the flight attendants who are taking care of you, might be experiencing the same thing, probably even worse than you do.

This is what you call a jet lag, your body's reaction to the changing time zones. In addition, jet lag may be exacerbated by conditions inside the aircraft: unfamiliar on-flight meals, cramped spaces, continuous low-level noise, and lack of sleep. As your body clock adjusts to the new time zone, jet lag lessens. Recovery period is about one day per time zone crossed.

Why Do You Get Jet Lag

Your body has its own body clock, which regulates your body's biological rhythms. Here's a simplified version of how it works. Do you notice that you wake up at 6 AM without the alarm clock waking you up? Or a daily 8am pee break is in order? Do you feel really hungry around 12 noon every day? Or do you feel the need to hit the sack at 9 in the evening?Do you ever get the feeling of your bed calling you around 9 PM every night? That's your body clock running. Just like an alarm clock, your body clock sends out reminders that you need to do something at a specified time.

Your body clock is regulated by your country's time zone. Within your time zone, your body clock is conformed and adjusted to the local environment via external cues referred to as zeitgerbers, the most important and the strongest of which is sunlight.

Now, when you travel across the world in an airliner, you cross different time zones quickly due to the fast speed of today's jets. Since the journey across time zones is so fast, your body doesn't have plenty of time to adjust to the change. Your whole body clock becomes out of synch with all the destination's time zone since it is subjected to a daytime and night cycle that's dissimilar to the rhythms your whole body is used to. Hence, your body's natural pattern is interrupted. The rhythms that determine the schedule for eating, resting, body's temperature variance, and hormone regulation don't correspond to the new surroundings. As a result, you feel the negative effects of an out-of-sync body clock.

Naturally, your body adjusts to the new time zone. How fast the adjustment is depends on the individual. You might be one of the few ones who experience very little, even hardly noticeable, disruptions. A friend travelling with you may require a number of days to adjust to the new schedule so he could enjoy his holidays to Cyprus 2012 after the flight from mainland USA.

Thankfully, jet lag is temporary and there are lots of ways to help you feel better. Click this link, look for tips about easing up jet lag, and book the vacation of your dreams. After several journeys, you would be accustomed to that feeling.